Our School Uniform



Red V neck sweatshirt with embroidered emblem;
White polo shirt (with embroidered emblem – optional)
Grey or black trousers  (Smart, tailored)
Suitable Black Footwear (NOT trainers or boots)


Red V neck sweatshirt/cardigan with school emblem
White polo shirt (with embroidered emblem – optional)
Grey or Black skirt or pinafore ( they may wear tailored trousers in black or grey during the winter months only);
White socks or red tights;
Suitable Black Footwear (NOT trainers, boots or high heeled/wedged shoes)
Summer: (Optional)  Red and white gingham dress.


As Junior children.

Please ensure all clothing is clearly marked with your child's name


Red V Neck Wool Jumper with embroidered emblem.
School Tie (available from School & uniform suppliers)
White shirt
Grey or Black Trousers (boys & girls – smart, tailored)
Grey or Black Skirt or Pinafore (girls) with white socks or red tights
Summer – Red & White Gingham Dress (Optional)
Suitable Black footwear (not trainers or boots)


Red PE Vest/T Shirt, Black PE Shorts, PE Pumps & PE Bag
No Jewellery is allowed in school including ear-rings.
Hairstyles for boys must be clean cut & sensible – not dyed , streaked, shaven, tram-lined or too long
Hairstyles for girls must be sensible & tied back – not dyed, streaked, extensions or too short.


The school V neck sweatshirt, cardigan, polo shirt & wool jumper with embroidered emblem are available from Top One in St. John's Shopping Centre, 01772 828616  & Uniform & Leisurewear Company in Kirkham