Current situation

Access to a purpose built sports hall, an outdoor adventurous activity area, hard court area, a grassed playing field.

Equipment is checked regularly and stock replenished as often as budget allows.

Teachers have access to equipment and literature, via the coordinator, and can always rely on advice when needed. There is also specialist swimming teachers used by the school.

Team Theme provides lessons to pupils and teachers to meet the needs of the teacher.

Equipment for lunch time games and sports.

School games opportunities

Continue to arrange Intra/Inter sports competitions.

After school activities arranged based on pupil requests – 1 activity per half term for KS2.

School Sport Premium budget £17000


Costs 20/21 = (£17000):

Team Theme CPD


Sports partnership Competition entries


Transport to events


Sports Coaches – Tennis, Judo, Netball


AFC Fylde – Afterschool club and lunch time clubs







£12 200


This leaves around £5000 surplus, which we will be putting towards improving our outdoor facilities to leave a lasting legacy.



To get 70% or more children playing sport/ physical activity in and after school. Staff have been asked to be available to help access more activities through the Sport Partnership for our children.

Teachers to be confident to deliver all aspects of the PE curriculum.


Evaluation –January 2020

Teachers advised on questionnaire which areas they were still not confident on. This will be developed with Team Theme to build confidence. This year we will team teach with Team Theme.

Children and parent questions have been completed, and some advice has been used to provide more afterschool clubs for KS1. We have also set up a Girls football club to allow more girls to access this sport.


Leagues Entered

Netball –yr6

U11 football

U11 Girls football




U11 football

U11 Girls football

U9 Football

U11 Indoor athletics

Swimming Gala


U9 Tri Golf

U5 Athletics

U9 Tennis





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